I share everyone’s struggle in dealing with this unhabitual hot spell we are experiencing and many of us who have emigrated from Africa after many decades must have become dis-accustomed to such intense heat. I know I have.
But permit me to share also my heat survival tips with you:

*Keep up a frequent intake of cold/chilled drinks. water preferably. Fizzy drinks will make you even thirstier


*Stay away from hot or spicy foods. They will heat you up from the inside and make you feel hotter on the outside

no spicy food

*If you are one of those hopelessly stuck on thermals and jackets, please ditch them and opt for loose fitting light coloured wears as dark colours attract heat.

loose fit dresslinen-off-white-suits-for-men-2013


*Wear light and breezy fabrics such as cotton, linen and thin polyester or nylon that will flow rather than cling and allow for free movement of air around your body..


summer wear

*Have frequent cold showers if indoors and make each shower last at least 5 minutes to cool down your inner core temperature.


*Do not towel dry yourself but allow the water to dry off you naturally. Sleep in your damp towel and place a damp flannel on your pillow. If the heat becomes unbearable at night you might need to get up and have another shower to cool down. Or simply have a cold drink


*Keep a jug of cold water by your bed stand and keep your windows open.


*Keep an eye on children and pets as they can become easily dehydrated


pet & kids



***Stay cool and be safe***


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