Day: June 2, 2017


Bluewater shopping centre was evacuated after fire broke out in a restaurant

A spokesman for Kent Fire and Rescue said: “We were called at 11.36 to reports of a small fire in one of the restaurants.

“Three engines attended as is standard for this type of procedure.”


The spokesman said the fire was being dealt with by on site staff when they arrived.


A man who was injured in the Westminster attack is claiming compensation for his injuries and psychological trauma.

Francisco Lopes, 26, claims he was left with limited use of his left hand after being thrown over the bonnet of Khalid Masood’s rented Hyundai.

He also suffered cuts to his legs and says he has experienced mental health problems, including panic attacks and agoraphobia, and been off work since the attack on 22 March.

Lopes is seeking to make a claim against the rental company’s insurer for the cost of counselling and rehabilitation treatment.

Lopes, who works at nearby St Thomas’ hospital, said: “I try to be like I was, which was scared of nothing, but what happened changed me. I get scared when I think about what happened and I’m terrified that I could easily have died.

“I am scared to go outside and I particularly fear busy places. I’m scared of traffic and haven’t been on my bike since the attack. I just don’t feel safe as I’m worried something bad could happen again. My life is completely different and I just want my normal life back.”

Patrick Maguire from law firm Slater and Gordon, which is representing Lopes, said: “The priority is to ensure that Francisco gets access to the best rehabilitation in order to rebuild his life following this terrible ordeal.

“It is necessary to secure funds to ensure he gets access to this rehabilitation, together with reimbursement for his financial losses.”

A Zurich spokesman said: “We do provide insurance for Enterprise and have a specialist team looking at how that policy is impacted by the terrible events in Westminster.

“It was a tragic event and presents many complex aspects as far as insurance is concerned. It is therefore far too soon to talk about any specific elements of this.”


Shares of Amazon are are up 3.76% in the pre-market trade, which means that overnight the net-worth of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos grew by approximately $2.8 billion to $81.5 billion.

The move is in response to Amazon’s huge earnings beat. The retail behemoth reported revenue of $35.71 billion, beating estimates of $35.3 billion. The company also surpassed earnings estimates of non-GAAP earnings per share of $1.07, reporting EPS of $1.48.

Jeff Bezos is the largest shareholder of Amazon, with about 80.9 million shares or 16.93% of total outstanding shares, according to his latest filing on February 16 of this year.

On March 29, Bezos surpassed Amancio Ortega, chairman of Inditex fashion group ($74.1 billion) and Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffet ($75.5 billion) to become the world’s second richest person.

Bill Gates – world’s wealthiest man

Now Bezos is on the verge of becoming the wealthiest person in the world. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Bezos saw his fortune surpass $80 billion for the first time last April.

The only person in the world wealthier than Bezos is Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates, with a net-worth of $87.1 billion. Bezos is just $5.5 billion away from matching Gates.

According to Bloomberg, Bill Gates has been the world’s wealthiest man since 2013.




All you really need to get in shape is something to lift, something to raise your heart rate, something to challenge your balance, and, possibly, something to help you stretch. If you think the only way to fulfill all those “somethings” is to enroll in a gym, I’m happy to say that you’re mistaken. Last I checked, gyms don’t have a monopoly on heavy things, and you don’t need a treadmill to break a sweat. Without much effort (or much money), you can hack your way to better health by turning your home into a gym — no fancy equipment required. In fact, as an exercise physiologist with a master’s degree in exercise science, I often turn to the following eight hacks to help me get moving when working out from home.

​Stock up on paper plates

One heavy thing the gym doesn’t have a monopoly on? Your body. Yeah, I just called you heavy. Even if you’re a feather of a thing, you still likely weigh at least 100 pounds. That’s a lot of weight. (And if you take offense to that, you need to get a grip!)

While basic bodyweight exercises are an awesome way to shape up, you can challenge yourself even more by incorporating paper plates into your routine as sliders. Simply place one foot on a plate while doing lunges or side lunges and slide your foot across the floor as you move through the exercise, rather than taking a step. This sliding action engages more muscle groups, particularly the small, stabilizing muscles, as you work harder to control the speed of the movement. Likewise, you can place your hands on paper plates while doing push-up variations or you can place both feet on separate plates to perform a sliding mountain climber or sliding hamstring curls.


​Get pumped with H2O


Water is also kinda great when it comes to weight. A single gallon weighs just over eight pounds, which means two gallons weigh almost 17 pounds and three gallons weigh 25. So forget about the dumbbells and buy two empty, three-gallon water jugs with handles. Use an empty, one-gallon jug to fill the three gallon jugs. Add water to each jug one gallon at a time, and use a permanent marker to mark the gallon lines for future reference. Then, when you want to do a strength training routine, fill the three-gallon jugs to your desired level — one, two or three gallons — and get to work. You can use your new “weights” for everything from shoulder press and bicep curls to lunges and deadlifts.

Added bonus? Water sloshes. This sounds like a “no biggie” property, but because water is constantly moving around in the jugs, it actually requires greater muscle engagement to control the movement as you perform each exercise.


​Step it up in the kitchen

Benches, counters, and chairs are awesome home-gym assets, so the next time you’re stuck cooking and cleaning all day, incorporate a few sets of strength training moves into the mix.

Start by using your kitchen chairs for lower body moves like step ups, Bulgarian split squats, and if you’re feeling brave, box jumps. These same exercises can be performed using a backless bench, but you can expand your repertoire to include upper body and core moves including v-sits, chair dips, or seated shoulder press. Just grab a one- or three-gallon water bottle to act as your weights. Finally, you can use your kitchen counters for modified upper body exercises, such as push-ups.


​Find your balance in the bedroom


Your mom may have told you not to jump on the bed, but the reason you were jumping on it in the first place was because it was springy and more difficult to balance on, right? That’s what made the whole thing fun. So instead of buying a BOSU ball or balance disc, hit the sack barefoot to try your hand at balance-focused moves. Just remember to put clean clothes on, especially socks, before you hit the mat(tress) — you don’t want foot germs all over your pillowcase from doing a series of alternating lunges while standing on your bed.


​Pack it on

Chances are you have a backpack lying around just waiting to be put to good use. Go ahead and fill ‘er up with books, canned goods or filled water bottles and strap it to your back. Now go about your business. Set a timer and walk around your house for 30 to 45 minutes, sweeping, vacuuming, doing laundry — you get the picture. Guaranteed, your chores just got a whole lot more challenging now that you’re carrying around an extra 10 to 20 pounds (or more).

If you’re feeling really motivated, throw in some extra moves, such as push-ups and squats, or take the bag off your back and use the straps to perform weighted rows or curls. The sky is the limit for all the exercises you could try.


​Climb those stairs


It’s kinda a no brainer, but if you have a set of stairs, or even a few steps, it’s time to put them to good use. There’s almost no better free form of cardio than using your own two feet to hike up a serious incline, so whether you walk the stairs, jog ’em, take ’em two-by-two, or climb ’em backwards or sideways, just make sure you’re putting your stairs to use.


​Cool down with a towel

After working up a good sweat, you deserve a good stretch. While there’s nothing wrong with using gravity and your own arms to hang or pull yourself into your favorite bendy positions, a stretch strap does wonders for deepening stretches while encouraging proper form. If you don’t have an actual stretch strap, grab a towel — practically any size will do — and use it instead.

Simply wrap the towel around your feet or legs while performing lower body stretches and hold the ends in each hand. Pull against the towel, rather than force your body, to lean further into each stretch. Likewise, if your upper body is tight, you can use the towel to “extend” your arms to do chest and triceps stretches, holding the towel in an extended position between your hands rather than trying to clasp your hands together. Try this quick total-body towel stretch from Jessica Smith TV to see a few stretches in action.


​Roll away your aches


The only thing left to accomplish after you stretch is to indulge in a nice massage. Instead of buying a foam roller, grab a rolling pin from your kitchen and use it to roll away the tension in your quads, hamstrings, and calves. Simply hold the pin’s handles and roll it up and down your muscles — in the direction of the muscles — pausing to increase pressure in areas that feel particularly tight. Take it slow and easy, aiming for roughly ten to 20 passes on each muscle group.


Get creative and get moving

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you work out or what equipment you use to challenge yourself. What matters is that you take the time to prioritize your health and get moving. So turn on some music, set a 30- to 60-minute timer, and see just how hard you can push yourself. Whether you jog circles around your house, do push-ups on the kitchen counters, bunny hop up the stairs, or challenge your kids to a dance-off, it all counts. Don’t allow yourself to make excuses just because you don’t have a gym membership.

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There’s no denying Tyra Banks’ celebrity has faded. With every new year comes another failed project or devastating cancellation, and it’s hard to watch a model who was once one of the most sought-after beauties in the world struggle to keep her star shining

Why would anyone leave an industry at the height of their fame and fortune? Banks may have asked herself that question more than once since retiring from modeling in 2005 at age 31. At the time, she explained she wanted to go out on top and “be like the athletes who seem stuck in time,” but a decade after Banks ended a supermodel reign of nearly 20 years, it seems unlikely that her dreams of Michael Jordan-style lasting glory are destined to come true.

There has been chatter about a Victoria Secret reunion show featuring Banks, along with former Angels Gisele Bündchen and Heidi Klum. “I have been asked to do a reunion many years ago,” Banks told Watch What Happens Live in 2014, “and I said no because I was trying to be taken seriously as a talk show host and as an executive producer and as a businesswoman.” What would she say if asked again? “I don’t know if I would. But whenever I see them, I feel like we have a connection, these Angels, because we’re like the O.G. original Angels. Like, that was invented on us.” Banks added, “And, the president of Victoria’s Secret promised me a lifetime supply of Victoria’s Secret products, even after I decided to leave the company. But once I left, he only let me have it for a year. So I have a bone to pick.”


After five seasons, Tyra was canceled in May 2010. The talk show featured a mix of female empowerment messages, sometimes messy monologues, and antics by the former model, all of which took a turn for the worse in later seasons. Banks and her team sought out drama-filled guests to boost sagging ratings, but the show’s new personality made it look less like The Oprah Winfrey Show and more like The Jerry Springer Show. Needless to say, the change in direction did not help Banks.

In March 2011, Banks put her name on the line by launching The style site aimed to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for users by offering personalized beauty and fashion tips. Although the glitzy launch brought in lots of initial traffic, page views and site visits suffered a steep decline over time. As spelled out in a 2013 Adweek story, the site essentially died after content seemed to dry up. Banks’ face disappeared from the site, and headlines pointed to two-year-old content. At the time of this writing, Banks’ former site redirected to an fashion and beauty page, and associated social media accounts had not been updated in years.

Perhaps the fourth sign that Banks’ supermodel influence had waned was the demise of the formerly beloved hit show America’s Next Top Model. After a dizzying 22 cycles, the catwalk competition was axed in December 2015. At one point the show was a ratings powerhouse, with millions of people tuning in each week and millions more commenting on social media. In its last few years on the CW network, ratings were in decline—and, frankly, so was the talent the show attracted. The ever-changing cast of judges, some rumored to have beefs with Banks, didn’t help either.

After less than one season, Banks’ new foray into daytime television ended in a fiery ratings disaster. In January 2016, ABC pulled the plug on Banks’ talk show FABlife—after Banks, who’d led a four-person hosting panel that included fellow model Chrissy Teigen, quit two months after its nationwide premiere. At the time, Banks called the decision to leave “difficult,” but insiders said she left because she was duped into believing she’d receive creative control of the show. The cast did not appear to stay in sync after Banks’ exit, and the show soon folded. Unforgiving headlines also pitted Banks against Teigen, which added fuel to the theory that sometimes-catty models can’t get along.


Banks believes cutting and running is the key to staying atop her showbiz perch, but others might see her decision-making skills as poor. In a 2015 Wall Street Journal interview, Banks explained she prefers to leave projects high and dry: “Having a sense of that hotness, but it’s cooling a bit, but the outside doesn’t know it yet. So, it’s before they know it and you pivot and you look like a genius—and you also look very brave.” In this case, the difference between a brave genius and a quitter is in the eye of the beholder.

Around the same time FABlife debuted, Banks also launched a cosmetics line she dubbed Tyra Beauty. Her latest business venture promised products for real women that would have consumers “werkin’ that hallway like a runway” while offering careers for true believers (called “Beautytainers”) who wanted to try their hand at Avon-style direct sales. Although she earned points for giving her products names like “Smack My Fat Lash” and “Ask for a Raise,” Reddit users quickly busted Banks for using social media marketers to beef up Tyra Beauty’s reviews, while the press had a field day with her claims that she went to Harvard Business School to prepare for launching the company. Turns out Banks’ “Harvard” experience adds up to a single non-degree certificate course.

Obviously, a number of things haven’t gone Tyra’s way over the last few years, but it hasn’t been all lemons for her—quite the opposite, in fact. Banks and her boyfriend, Norwegian photographer Erik Asla, welcomed a son, York Banks Asla, in January 2016. Banks had openly discussed her fertility struggles, so looking in that little one’s eyes is bound to make any of the aforementioned business setbacks seem insignificant. “Of all the fashionable hats I wear, I love being a #mother the most,” she posted on Instagram in May 2016.

Banks will also star in a sequel to her hit Disney Channel movie Life-Size—and given that Disney owns roughly half of Hollywood these days, that’s a paycheck well worth cashing. “We’re looking at it as a holiday movie so hopefully holiday 2016,” she told People. “I’m really excited about it.”

Meanwhile, Banks is also returning to reality television in a big way, starting as the host of America’s Got Talent. She’ll also return for the upcoming season of VH1’s America’s Next Top Model. To which we say: WE ARE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!!







We spend much of our day running at full speed. It’s not surprising, therefore, that we might roll our eyes at the idea of adding more things to our to-do list, especially if it involves trying harder to please our mate. Are they doing enough for me, you might ask? While it’s important to have your own needs met, it’s also vital to see your marriage as a partnership.

First things first, this is no “how to please your man” kind of list. It’s a discussion about how to be your best self while considering your partner’s needs. After all, teamwork makes the dream work, right?

As I’ve explained to counseling clients in the past, you don’t have to wait for your husband to start doing the right things — be the one who sparks the change! So, in that spirit, here are some things that your husband wishes you’d do more often.

Let loose and have fun

Life can be so hectic nowadays it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. We are often juggling multiple obligations at once and, in order to keep up, we can become fixated on maintaining certain schedules and routines — but what if, once in a while, we got spontaneous and cancelled plans in order to do something outlandish or fun?

Your husband would probably love it if you just let loose and decided to go with the flow for a change. It might be tough, at first, to buck with tradition but, ultimately, you will probably end up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Pro tip: Ditch the office during lunch time and meet up with your hubby instead. You will both enjoy that extra time together in the middle of the day!

Go natural

When it comes to your own appearance, do what makes you feel happy and comfortable. If that means applying makeup every morning, then so be it! We all deserve to feel good in our own skin.

That being said, why not skip the beauty regimen once in a while? Despite what the magazines try to sell us, studies are showing that men actually prefer when women wear less makeup. Who would have thought?

Pro tip: On your next date night, try a more natural look, and see if he comments on the change. As long as you feel beautiful, and you’re up to it, why not experiment a little!

Let it go

If you’ve had to repeat something multiple times or just happen to be having a bad day, it’s really tempting to just harp on some problem or mistake your husband has made. You might even be venting about a friend, family member, or coworker who has upset you in some way.

It’s definitely important that you continue to communicate with your husband — and you deserve to see him as a confidante — but once you have made your point, he might appreciate if you reel it in a little. Your blood might still be boiling but you will know when the opportunity arises, that this time, it’s best to drop it.

Pro tip: If you’ve been blowing off steam and realize you’ve begun repeating yourself, take a deep breath and accept that there might be nothing left to say. Then, pull a Frozen, and let it go.

Make the first move

We all have our preferences about whether we are the pursuer or the pursued, and really, many women seem to prefer being chased. As long as your partner is fine with this dynamic, it’s no one’s business but your own. Deep down, though, he might really wish that — once in a while — you were the hunter. Of course, there are plenty of relationships where the wife takes on this role regularly but, if you traditionally haven’t, it could be a nice surprise.

Pro tip: Come up with a fun way of initiating some alone time. He’ll be pleasantly surprised you’re taking the reins.

Embrace your sexuality

Every day, women are bombarded with messages about how we should, and should not, express our sexuality. As a result, so many of us become shy or uncomfortable with our bodies and it can have an impact on our intimate relationships.

Research has shown that women experience orgasm during intercourse far less frequently than men which, of course, is entirely unfair. Chances are that your husband wants you to enjoy sex as much as he does and would be willing to work on it, but he might need some gentle guidance.

Pro tip: Pick up some books, watch some videos, and grab a mirror so that you can explore your own body. Once you feel comfortable, invite your husband to play along.

Put down your phone

It’s pretty frustrating to try to have a conversation with someone when their face is buried into the screen of their phone. We’ve all been annoyed by this, yet, we still do it to others on a regular basis.

Your husband probably wishes you’d toss that thing aside more often and focus on him, especially if you are easily upset by things you see on social media (and, therefore, need to vent), or the glare keeps him up at night!

Pro tip: First thing in the morning and right before bed, try to have a “phone-free” chat with your husband so that you begin and end each day feeling connected.

Tell him he’s your favorite

Most of us have to deal with the memories of the exes in our spouse’s past. Hopefully, we are secure enough in our relationship that it doesn’t create any unnecessary issues.

Still, it’s pretty normal to feel insecure sometimes, especially when a story about an ex seems particularly memorable or nostalgic. In those moments, a little reassurance can go a long way, even if your husband is brushing it off.

Pro tip: If some great story from your past comes up, acknowledge that wonderful piece of history but let your husband know that his chapter in your life is your favorite!

Let him help more

We all like things done a certain way and, really, some things have to be done a certain way. Sometimes, it’s easier to just handle things ourselves, especially if our husbands have failed at completing tasks in the past.

The thing is, though, that some things aren’t really that big of a deal. If your husband gets the kids dressed and their clothes don’t match, does it really matter (especially if you’re not leaving the house)? Did he set the table using the ivory dishes when you wanted to use the white ones? When it comes to things like that, pick your battles.

Pro tip: Before you jump in and “correct” your husband, ask yourself if it’s really worth it. Chances are, you will have feedback on a million other things anyway.

Happiness is contagious

Do you find it hard to step out of your comfort zone? If so, you are not alone. It’s so much easier to stick with what we know than to strike out and engage in completely new (possibly scary) experiences.

It’s very possible, therefore, that your husband would love for you to try something he loves or is interested in but you aren’t too sure about.

Pro tip: Once a week, push yourself to delve into uncharted territory, even if it’s just sampling an unfamiliar cuisine or trying karaoke. You’ll only grow stronger from the experience!

Recognize his efforts

We all want to be recognized when we are making an effort. After all, as I’ve mentioned to clients in the past, the best way to encourage people to keep trying is to let them know that they are doing a good job.

Too often in a relationship, we take our partner’s contributions for granted. Pay attention to the things your husband does to make you happy and let him know how much you appreciate it.

Pro tip: Buy some sticky notes and randomly leave them around the house with encouraging words for your hubby. You will both probably get a boost from the positivity!

Drop unrealistic expectations

Society perpetrates a lot of myths about what a good marriage looks like. Even children’s movies make the male figure seem like the perfect balance between being emotionally available, financially stable, and physically able (see what I did there?).

What if your husband doesn’t bring you flowers, but always makes sure your car is gassed up, the toilet paper roll is replaced, and the air filters are changed on time? Are your unrealistic expectations about romance interfering with your ability to see the ways in which he shows you how much he loves you?

Pro tip: Take a moment to really think about all of the ways in which your husband makes you a priority. You might be surprised by all of his small gestures.

If you are putting in a bigger effort to do things for your husband but feel frustrated by his lack of effort, it might be helpful to remember that making him a priority not only increases the chances that he will do the same in return, but also makes you a great partner.

Being married isn’t about checks and balances. It’s a healthy work in progress!








Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) workers are much more likely than white workers to be in insecure jobs such as zero-hours contracts, according to the Trades Union Congress.

The TUC is urging policymakers and employers to tackle bias and racism in the workplace after its research found one in every 13 BAME workers is in temporary or zero-hours work, compared with one in 20 white workers.

Its analysis of the 3.1 million BAME employees in the UK, showed that nearly a quarter of a million were in temporary jobs or on zero-hours contracts that do not guarantee workers a minimum number of hours in any given week.

Black workers in particular faced insecurity at work, and were more than twice as likely as white workers to be in temporary and zero-hours work, the research found. One in eight black workers were employed on that basis, compared with one in 20 white workers.


“This problem isn’t simply going to disappear. Dealing with insecure work has to be top of the list for the next government. And we need a real national strategy to confront racism in the labour market.”

Frances O'Grady
TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady

The report builds on previous research by the TUC that found BAME workers were also far more likely than white workers to be underemployed with fewer hours of employment than they would like and that BAME graduates were more likely to be unemployed than their white peers.

The latest report highlights a sharp rise in the number of black workers, and black women in particular, on temporary contracts over recent years.

Between 2011 and 2016 the number of black workers on temporary contracts jumped 58% – more than seven times the 8% increase for white workers. The number of black women on temporary contracts soared 82% in that time, compared with a 37% increase for black men.

The trade union group is also calling for rules that force employers to publish ethnic monitoring reports on recruitment, pay and employment type.

That push for more transparency echoes a key recommendation in a government-backed review into race in the workplace, published earlier this year, that highlighted a number of factors holding back BAME workers, including recruitment processes and management bias.

The report’s author, the businesswoman Ruby McGregor-Smith, called on employers to come clean about their lack of diversity by publishing a breakdown of their workforce by race and pay band. She urged ministers to enforce such reporting by law if employers do not comply.



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