I am from a Muslim family (and was married into a seriously staunch muslim family) but I gave my life to Christ over 30 years ago while in University. And even though I have strayed, backsliden (that is how I ended up in the marriage I had) and even at some point, questioned my faith, I find that I keep coming back to Him and am still very much, and even more than ever before, a fully and unequivocally committed Christian and God Worshipper.

THIS, is the only relationship I have never been able to walk away from.


Because of His unfailing love. And his everlasting Mercy & Grace that keep drawing me back to Him..
And the good news is – it is available for everyone who comes to Him.
Give Him a trial today.

#ChristWitness #ShareYourFaith #TheKingsBusiness #SoulWinners
#John3Sixteen #EvangelismIsEveryBelieversDuty


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