To everyone demanding Buharis head and life, I wonder if they had stopped to think how Jonathan would have farred under the current conditions our country is.

When he was President oil was selling for $143/barrel or so but rather than save, he willy-nilly squandered all the accruing funds realised from the sales including the huge savings left in the Treasury by the Obasanjo administration. He and his band of thieves turned themselves into fat kids in Charlie’s Chocolate factory and randomly helped, fed and stuffed themselves, their wardrobes, pit latrines, girl friends bedroom and everything fillable with eye watering and seriously unbelievable amounts from the nation’s coffers – while he, Jonathan still maintains he had no idea what was going on.



And many blind supporters of the past administration ignoring or seeing absolutely nothing wrong with all these scandalous acts of grand pilfering – in fact many of them have not once spoken out against the numerous revelations of treasures of billions of naira hidden by Jonathan’s people. Others simply call the investigations “witch hunting” even when the so called “witch-hunting is turning up one thief after the other!

I, for one am seriously disappointed at the under performance of the current administration and I made that clear in a previous article: https://baronessj.com/2017/01/20/oh-buhari-how-did-it-all-go-so-woefully-wrong/
But I also followed that up with a brief look into just why the administration is failing: https://baronessj.com/2017/01/21/just-musing-why-buhari-is-failing/

I have never once met Buhari or Jonathan in person so it will be morally wrong to comment on their individual characters. But a lot is being said out there by folks who have also never met either of them but make wild and maniacal claims about their personality. Of course you cannot make excuses for what someone says in public to the hearing of millions of people.

But I also know that so far, there is no one yet that I have seen in recent years that has the needed strength of character or personality to bring Nigeria back on course. Jonathan probably went there because it was foistered upon him and never at any time harboured real ambitions of leading the country. Buhari obviously went because he had been before and found Nigeria a bit easier to manage them – especially hiding behind the uniform of a soldier. But he failed to realise that the Nigeria of today is a totally different kettle from the Nigeria of the 80s. Then, he  had the loyal support of the action-man Tunde Idiagbon behind him  and for those of us old enough to remember, you would think twice before you stepped – or spoke out of line.


Tunde Idiagbon

But today, people are not just a lot more outspoken and vocal. But they are also a lot more greedy, a lot bolder and more blatantly corrupt minded. And with the judiciary and police force more enlightened to enrichment rather than justice and the upholding of law and order, the field is wide open and the mud deep enough for anyone who had the means to play in.

Someone asked me this morning if I was as adverse to people calling Buhari names as they did Jonathan  or (still are) My answer to them was that “Criticism is totally different from abuse. I won’t ask anyone to not criticize whosoever deserves to be. But I was brought up to show respect to my elders especially a man who is old enough to be my dad. But obviously many of us missed out on that piece of home training. It is not their fault”.

I strongly believe that as a nation of much educated people (questionable and arguable) criticism of someone’s performance should be made and can be made without resorting to abuse, curses and insults – whether it is of Jonathan or Buhari. But calling  someone all kinds of names and wishing them dead really says a lot about us as a nation – but not as a nation of enlightened educated literates. Our behavior has become as debased as that of jungle beasts – and that will be insulting to some beasts. The things I read on social media sometimes, make be ashamed, embarrassed and aghast at my country-men! This is cyber trolling and bullying at its best. Our people simply do not know when and where to draw the line. and even the so called folks of Yoruba lineage that are supposedly the most avowed Nigerian race towards proper home training, respect for elders, cultural and heritage practices and all that, have thrown all that out of the window and become as those with no values or morals. The fact that the current President is an elderly man in his 70s is not enough to hold some back from the incessant insults, names calling and daily barrage of abuse.
Surely, they can be other ways to show our displeasure with our leaders than constantly raining abuses upon them?
And even if they are failing or getting it wrong – so what? No one has the magic wand of saving Nigeria. Everyone including Buhari is simply trying their best which unfortunately sometimes, may just not be good enough. But the Nigeria that these folks are putting their necks out for, is no paradise either and the people in it are no angels.
I have often said that only a “mad man” can adequately and effectively govern and lead Nigeria seeing as the people are not better than mad people themselves. Someone who is not afraid to step on toes, someone who is both maniacal and coldly aggressive in their methods, getting down and dirty in getting the job done with no care or respect for anyone who will stand in their way.
Unfortunately, we lost that person 16 years ago. And we have not seen or had anyone as strong enough since then – except thieves, drunks and frivolous women with pretty faces and dark hearts.
Babangida and Abacha came and set in place the new Nigeria where corruption is our national badge of honour
Obasanjo did his best and could have done better if allowed.
Jonathan couldn’t be bothered
Buhari simply does not have what it takes

And no amount of petulant and peurile names calling is going to change the fact that Jonathan failed – spectacularly – especially in controlling the corrupt practices of the theives he sorrounded himself with.

And Buhari is failing in bringing the economy under control. But the only difference is that Buhari might just surprise us.

Afterall, unlike Jonathan, his tenure still has two years to go…..

More than enough time to turn things around. That is if those calling for his life, do not get their wish.
Fingers crossed in prayers.


(c) baronessj.com


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