Six White House staffers were marched out of the building on Thursday after they failed national security background checks.

Politico reported that the unlucky half-dozen included one who was the president’s director of scheduling.

Caroline Wiles is also the daughter of Susan Wiles, a former chief of staff to Florida Gov. Rick Scott and the Trump campaign’s director in Florida.

Politico reported that Wiles has told friends she will be reassigned to a job in the Treasury Department.

Wiles had been Trump’s campaign scheduling chief from July 2016 until his victory. She held the same position on Gov. Scott’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign.

It’s unknown who the other five dismissed aides are. One White House source told it’s common knowledge that two of them were expected to take positions in the National Security Council staff.

Aides in the White House who need security clearances to do their jobs are required to complete a background check based on a lengthy questionnaire known as form SF86.

The paperwork is used as a starting point for investigators to probe their finances, criminal records, ties to terrorism and foreign governments, past use of controlled substances, history of alcohol abuse, and other factors that could compromise their ability to serve the president.

It’s more than 100 pages long. The FBI can take months to complete an investigation, but a law enforcement source said the typical turnaround time for ‘uncomplicated’ cases is 4 to 5 weeks.

The White House hasn’t commented on the news. The aide who spoke with said the mood in the building was somber as word spread.

‘I guess I’m one of the lucky ones,’ he said. ‘Nobody knows what happened with them. But this is the White House, and the feds make the rules.’



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