A one time Ibadan city mover and shaker Femi Lekuti aka  Danku baba imole is dead.

Femi was once a top socialite whose mansion used to be a sort of Mecca for other Ibadan party ladies and gents. It was said that there was no party happening in the city that Danku did not know about.

Ijebu-born Femi Lekuti was a name that commanded respect some decades ago and not many socialites or fuji music fans can easily forget ‘danku ara wa ni, ijinle pam pam!’ that was K.1’s popular personal number for him.

But he fell into bad times after losing the Ibadan South West House of Assembly election in 2011.



He reportedly suffered a stroke but due to his depleted finances, found himself  in the position of having to beg for funds for his treatment. At the end, he allegedly found himself alone with only his businesswoman wife caring for him and all the friends and hangers on who enjoyed the generosity of his largesse, no where to be found .

A sad story for a big boy who reportedly once sprayed at a party from 4am – 7am






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