A BRIT couple holidaying in the Caribbean narrowly avoided death after falling 40ft when their third-floor balcony collapsed.

Jerome Anyanwu  and girlfriend Greta Jarasiute suffered serious injuries and are still unable to work nearly six months after their fall at the five-star hotel.

Retail worker Greta, 26, suffered multiple spinal fractures and a fractured arm.

Jerome, 22, who works in customer service, suffered a fractured left hand and tissue damage to his neck.

The couple are now taking legal action against tour operator The Holiday Place over the accident at the Hotel Barcelo Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

The couple, from West London, were celebrating Greta’s birthday when they paid around £1,000 for the week-long stay last September.

She was sitting on Jerome’s lap on a chair which was resting against the railings when the balcony collapsed.

They fell three storeys and were found by security staff who called an ambulance which rushed them to hospital.

Lithuanian-born Greta had to extend her stay in the Dominican Republic while she received treatment and her mum flew over to be with her in hospital.

Jerome was kept in hospital for eight days before being flown home a week later than planned and he has recently learned that he may require further surgery.




He said: “It was not even the hotel we booked in the first place.

“The Holiday Place changed our hotel just three days before we were due to go without giving us a choice of alternatives.”

“We had already moved rooms because of a cockroach so we weren’t particularly happy about the hotel.”

“One minute we were just sitting on the balcony the next we had fallen three floors and were being taken to hospital.

“I spent the rest of my time in the Dominican Republic in hospital.”

The couple both face a long recovery period with potentially more surgery and challenges to overcome.

They are now taking legal action against tour operator The Holiday Place, an independent company whose website says:

“We’re here to create an experience you’ll always remember”.

Demetrius Danas, personal injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, said: “Both Jerome and Greta have suffered serious injuries when they were simply trying to enjoy their holiday at the Barcelo Punta Cana.

“We have been asked to investigate what happened and take appropriate legal action for them.

“Our clients rightly have serious concerns about the safety of the railings which gave way suddenly.

“The railings are in place to protect guests but on this occasion they were the cause of the problem.”

A spokesperson for The Holiday Place said: “As the matter is subject to legal proceedings it would be inappropriate for us to comment.”

Earlier this month experts said drinking booze can stop you getting food poisoning when holidaying abroad.

A typo in a Brexit memo accidentally gifted Brits 14 weeks of holiday.


Source The Sun



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