It’s another hectic week in soapland with two returns to Coronation Street, a huge crisis in EastEnders, a mystery unfolding in Emmerdale, a dramatic collapse in Hollyoaks and a judgement day in Casualty – and, as always, we have all of the gossip rounded up in a handy and in depth guide. 

So what’s big in the world of soap this coming week? Weatherfield sees a drug crisis and sex scandal while over in Chester, a sinister face is back and a criminal is forced to flee. Meanwhile, the Dales sees yet more crime and a heartbreaking goodbye and Walford is home to a tense showdown and some significant paranoia.

Hungry for more details? Then look no further…

Coronation Street

(Picture: ITV)

1. There’s a Webster reunion ahead as Rosie and Sophie return home but the joy is short lived when the police arrive with a warrant to search their belongings. It soon emerges that the sisters have accidentally brought drugs home with them, leaving them with quite a mess to sort out.

  1. Sinead’s dying relationship with Chesney drives her into the arms of the much more intriguing Daniel and their passion is soon exposed to a gutted Ches by scheming Adam. When Chesney squares up to Daniel, he soon gets more than he bargained for when Daniel explodes in anger.

(Picture: ITV)

3. Having been consumed by thoughts of Toyah and Peter’s affair, it finally dawns on Leanne that Nick was planning to propose to her before the secret came out. Handing Nick the ring, she urges him to pop the question.

  1. When Phelan spots Seb nicking a power tool from his back yard he chooses not to call the police and instead makes Seb work for him. As they graft in the Barlow house, Phelan spots Seb swiping war medals and decides to make it clear who is in charge.

  2. David is bemused by Shona’s behaviour when she finds Lily’s lost cuddly toy and then becomes emotional when Lily writes her a thank you card. Is everything as it seems with the mystery newcomer?

(Picture: ITV)

6. Tracy is horrified to find Luke trapped under a car at the garage and she makes it clear to Kevin that he hasn’t heard the last of this. Adam tells Rosie that he can talk Tracy round and get her dad out of hot water – if she goes on a date with him.


(Picture: BBC)

7. Mick’s struggles at the Vic continues and he is forced to make a tense phone call to Linda when the insurance won’t cover the replacement roof. Later, things get even worse when Aunt Babe’s actions catch up with her and have massive consequences for the whole clan.

  1. Jack braces himself as the day arrives for the inquest into Ronnie and Roxy’s deaths but what will the hearing reveal and how will Jack react to what he discovers?

  2. Mick reaches the end of his tether while Shirley and Johnny rail at Aunt Babe, who looks like she has finally blown the last of her many last chances. As pressure mounts, Abi is shocked when Mick snaps at her.

(Picture: BBC)

10. There’s new strain on Lee and Whitney too after she confronts him about his payslip and he makes a confession. As she comes up with a plan to cheer him up, it all starts to go wrong and threatens to backfire.

  1. Glenda makes an upsetting discovery about Amy and continues to do all she can to help but when Jack is given cause to question her intentions, everything comes to a head between them.

(Picture: BBC)

12. As the personal image circulates around the school, Shakil despairs so Keegan suggests that he takes drastic action to give everyone something else to talk about. But just what has he got in mind?


(Picture: ITV)

13. There’s a mystery afoot in the Dales when a stranger approaches the Dingle’s and ends up accidentally locked in a barn. As Sarah finds the woman, she looks after her as she falls ill but soon it dawns on the clan exactly who this visitor is – and it leaves Cain quite upset…

  1. Charity and Frank team up to scam a jeweller and, after swiping some diamonds from them at Home Farm, they share a passionate kiss. Later, Chrissie confronts Charity over her actions and Frank fears that the police may become involved.

(Picture: ITV)

15. It’s a traumatic day for Laurel as Ashley’s move into full time residential care arrives. As she says a painful goodbye and prepares for her life to change forever, she is even further knocked when he copes way better than expected with the move.

(Picture: ITV)

16. Rhona plucks up the courage to confront Pierce over his rough sexual advances after another experience leaves her uncomfortable but he is less than happy and is soon treating her passive aggressively.

  1. As Aaron continues to fear for the future, Finn reaches out and apologises but the situation leads to some bickering between Aaron and Robert. Chas intervenes and helps them to restore their differences but Aaron’s fate remains uncertain as his sentencing looms…

  2. Priya is impressed with Rakesh for standing up to Nicola and there seems to be a thawing as she starts to consider giving their marriage another try.


20. Grace’s health takes another turn for the worse when she suddenly collapses with a fit, forcing Elle to rush to her aid. As Elle’s actions save Grace’s life, there is relief when no new head injuries are sustained. But Connie is warned that her daughter may have developed epilepsy.

21. It’s the day of Elle’s hearing and her entire career hangs in the balance. Will Elle’s heroics with Grace encourage Connie to have a change of heart and retract her statement against her or is it all over for Elle?

22. David reaches out to Robyn when he can see she is struggling with anxiety around becoming a mother and he borrows a doll from the maternity ward so she can practise. But her confidence is thrown when she learns that colleagues are betting on her capabilities as a mum.





There are a few golden rules in the world of soap and one of them is that if a character from the past starts getting mentioned a lot out of the blue, then they’re about to return. Which is why EastEnders fans are now convinced that Tanya Branning is heading home to Walford. 


After Abi stayed with her mum over Christmas, Lauren was talking to Jane Beale about her in last night’s episode too, with Jane saying that she was going to get in touch with her. And with the soap recently having kicked off a mysterious new storyline for Max, could they be lining up a comeback for his ex who may be the one to sort him out?

Fans certainly seem to think so:

Max was recently seen having  shady meeting with ‘The Chairman’, a businessman who seems set on taking over the Square in some capacity. His first target is the Vic, which would have repercussions for the Carters and the wider community as a whole, given that it is the hub of the area.

But could the return of Tanya be set to give Max a shake and make him realise that this isn’t the path he wants to be taking?

Jo Joyner didn’t appear to rule anything out in a reply to a fan on Twitter although the immediate future seems off the cards as she is busy filming elsewhere:

We’d be very keen to catch up with Tanya – we guess it’s over to the BBC and Jo Joyner herself to try and make the wishes of the viewers come true…


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