This retort came from big Hollywood movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger following a quip by president Trump. He was speaking at his Prayer Breakfast when he made reference to his leaving his role as Host of popular TV reality show The Apprentice. Not one afraid of picking a fight, the president said “I was replaced by a big movie star and we know how that went, the ratings fell down the tubes…and it’s been a total disaster”

But the movie star was quick to respond. “Hey Donald, I have an idea. Let’s swap jobs. Seeing as you’re so good at ratings, you can have my job and I have your job..and people can begin to sleep comfortably at night again”     OUCH.

Trump was replaced by Arnold, star of the Terminator movie franchise after his decision to run for President.

Arnold was also the Governor of the State of California serving two terms from 2003 until 2011.



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