The news comes just a day after Mr Trump was sworn in as the 45th U.S. president.

The president promised that “every decision on trade. will be made to benefit American workers and American families”.

On trade, she said: ‘I’m confident we can look at areas even in advance of being able to sign a formal trade deal.

Barack Obama officially transfers power to the most contraversial USA president in modern history as Donald Trump takes to the White House in his inauguration ceremony.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was expected to be one of the first world leaders to meet with Trump after the Republican’s team confirmed they were looking at arranging a meeting between the two leaders in Iceland several weeks after the inauguration.

The BBC’s political correspondent Iain Watson said the “symbolism will be very important” and with Brexit negotiations about to get under way, the fact Mrs May will be meeting the new president so soon will be “politically significant”.

May is likely to emphasise the importance of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the European Union for collective security and defence after Trump sparked concerns about his commitment to both organisations.

“I look forward to discussing these issues and more when we meet in Washington”.

As Donald Trump’s becomes the president of the United States, protesters around the world make their opinions known.

It follows reports that May would travel to Washington DC next Thursday for talks with the president, with post-Brexit trade negotiations likely to be high on the agenda.


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