SEGUN O ADIGUN is a man who spends his time on Facebook randomly targetting women and simply turning himself into a nuisance.

I accepted his friendship request last February because we seemed to have quite a number of friends in common. But no sooner had I accepted his request that the string of unending messages started: “Hello” How are you?” How was your  night”? “You are a pretty woman”  and more boring stuff which I pointedly ignored, hoping he qould get bored and go away. As a matter of principle, I do not respond to inbox messages on Facebook if the sender is not someone I have a real life connection with. So for almost a year, this nuisance basically went ignored by me. But his messages never stopped.

But things came to a head last night 17th January.  I was in the studio presenting my live radio show but this nuisance kept calling me on Facebook messenger even though it was very obvious I was recording the show on my Facebook wall. He kept calling throughout the show and no matter how many times I cut him off he just kept calling back.

An hour later I was back home and the nuisance calls kept coming. So I answered and really laid into him and demanded why he kept calling me – to which he went into a rant detailing his life history about living in Houston Texas, formerly Maryland. How he was married to a white American but now divorced blah blah blah.


Angry and disinterested I asked why he felt I would be interested in his life history and them came the predictable ” I want to be your friend” and before I could draw breath, he continued “Are you married?” “Where are you from?” but before he could go any further I stopped him told him I was not interested in what he had to say and dropped the phone..

I decided to post  a comment about the incidence on Facebook but to my great surprise, a friend of mine responded that she had been targeted by the same man. We were still exchanging screenshots of his messages when another friend responded with her screenshot and by the end of the hour, four more women had emerged with the same experience and all submitted screenshots of his unreplied messages with the same words and sentences.

He had also sent the dame unsolicited pictures of himself to every single one of us.


No one knows what this guy is really after but all these women are UK based. As at yet there is no indication of just  how many more women have been targeted by this man or why, but I’m sure there are definitely more.

I’m urging ladies to check their friends list and block him off if he’s on yours. He has thousands of friends that are mostly women and looks like he’s making his way round them all and generally making a nuisance of himself.

But the general consensus is that with the advent of a new anti-immigrants president, this guy’s American papers are probably near expiration and he is looking for a free channel into the UK. So he started picking British women out of Facebook like scratchcards and kept scratching with the hope that one will be a winning card!


Unfortunately he picked the wrong target.


(C) Baroness J


UPDATE: Apparently our “friend” has changed his name to OLAIDE O OLAIDE on Facebook and is still on the prowl for women especially UK based ones. Please avoid like the plague. We gather he’s been deported from the US and is desperate to enter into the UK.
He is currently in Bodija Ibadan. Be careful ladies.













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