In a society where there is still a conservative attitude around sex many Nigerians, mostly the educated ones, are beginning to come out of their shells for full Sexual expression.

The term “sex toy” does not exactly convey the seriousness behind the problems that force many married women and men to turn to the use of these aids. In fact, Sex therapists and the traders who deal in these devices said that it would be better to refer to them as “adult Sex aids”.

Obibi, who has practised as a sex therapist and Sex:’ toy vendor in Nigeria for more than six years, said, “People are beginning to understand and accept that it is important to have a healthy intimate life. Having a successful intimate life with your partner of choice is important and a key de-stressor whether male or female.

“As Nigerians have become better educated on the need for a fulfilled intimate life, they are beginning to utilise all possibilities to make this a reality for themselves.”

Obibi told a correspondents that her male customers, most of whom are over the age of 40, spend more on sex toys than the female.


Asked what reason her customers usually give for wanting sex toys and she said it is usually about expressing their unsatisfied Sexual desires.

“The over 40s are comfortable in their Sexual desire and skin and are able to decide if, what type and when they should buy a Sex toy. The younger generations are more experimental in the kinds of sex they engage in but are also willing to engage, to a certain degree, in risky Sexual behaviour,” she said.

According to her, apart from requests by her male customers for products that increase the stamina, elongate the Penis and delay ejaculation, she gets a lot of orders from women who want Jessica Rabbit.

Obibi said the industry is growing so big that vendors who sell quality products are now having to deal with substandard and cheap products brought in from China.

“The influx of fake Chinese Sex toys, which produce odour and have other side effects is something to be concerned about. Yes, these are cheap but are they safe? This is why we cannot really estimate how large the industry has become,” she said.

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