The acting Nigerian High Commissioner in London today made a courtesy visit to the Mayor of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, Cllr Olu Babatola at the Town Hall in Woolwich.

The Acting High Commissioner was represented by the newly appointed Education and Welfare Minister   at the commission, Mr  Emma Namah.

Mr Namah who only took up his post 2 weeks ago, expressed his delight at being hosted by the Mayor who is the first ever African Mayor of the Borough and more so being Nigerian. He said Nigeria has experienced a vast amount of Brain Drain out of the country and  now desperately needs a Brain Gain of highly educated, skilled and intelligent Nigerians living in the UK to lend their wealth  of experience and exposure to helping in making Nigeria great again.

While further commending his host, Mr Namah said  Mayor Babatola is a strong example of what is good about Nigeria and contrary  to what used to be widely believed, Nigerians are not just 419 or scammers.

He expressed his great pride over many Nigerians like Cllr Babatola who are holding top positions and occupying seats of power in UK Politics, Government and in Business .

He called on the Borough to consider forming tighter a partnership with the Nigerian High Commission particularly in helping to find solutions to typical  plights facing  Nigerians in the Diaspora such as kids involvement in knife crime, homelessness and family separation due to deportation.

Mr Namah also suggested  that  Royal Greenwich Borough does all it can to encourage Nigerians living within the borough to adopt children left behind following their parents deportation,  so that their cultural upbringing is not disrupted.

Also present at the reception was Cllr Denise Hyland, Royal Greenwich Borough leader who told the High Commissioner what a great job the Mayor had been doing since the beginning of his tenure.

Cllr Hyland also spoke about the issue of Brain Drain being  a universal problem with a great number of hard working, law abiding and professional African Diasporans living in the Borough.   But she stressed that by and large, the Nigerians in Greenwich live and get along peacefully with other nationals in the Borough.

She suggested that the Mayor and the High Commission join forces to make a public appeal to Nigerians in the UK on the issue of adopting Nigerian kids in need of new homes and families .

The Mayor Cllr Olu Babatola after personally  taking Mr Namah on a grand tour of the Town Hall, thanked the Nigerian High Commissioner for visiting the Borough. He expressed hope that the Commission would continue to support him and other Nigerians in the UK . He mentioned that he had 2 Charities that he has chosen to support during the course of his tenure, one of them AFRUCA founded  by a fellow  Nigerian Debbie Ariyo OBE, and the Archway Project in Thamesmead.  He enjoined the Nigerian High Commission to join other Nigerians  in the Borough who have been giving generously towards the work the of the 2 charities and help him make a difference during his year as Mayor.



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